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Academic Sculptor and Medalist

Damir Mataušić was born in Zagreb on 15 June 1954. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts, Department of Fine and Technical Metal Art, in 1974, and in the same year enrolled to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. A student in the Department of Fine Plastic Art and Medal Art, he studied under Želimir Janeš and graduated in 1979. Between 1986 and 1996, he taught at the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, in the Department of Metal Art, and from 1996 has been a regular lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts – Department of Sculpture, specialising in Fine Plastic Art and Medal Art.

From 2003 to 2006, he was the administrative Vice-Dean of the Academy, and since 2006, as well as his regular teaching engagements, he has been in charge of a specialist post-graduate course in Fine Plastic Art and Medal Art.

From 2006 to 2007, he was a member of the Rector’s Council, as representative of the Council for the Arts for the University of Zagreb and, from 2006, has served as the chairman of the commission which awards the “Vladimir Nazor” prize for the applied arts, the highest state prize for culture.

He has been exhibiting his work since 1974. He has mounted 23 solo exhibitions, of which the most important was his monographic exhibition staged in Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb.

He has participated in around 79 joint exhibitions, including FIDEM (international medal) exhibitions in Paris, London, Budapest, Neuchâtel, The Hague, Lisbon, etc.

There have been forty-four public presentations of his gold medals – in Klovićevi Dvori Museum, the Zagreb Council Chamber, Dverce Palace, the National Bank of Croatia and other public places.

As the winner of public competitions, he has designed twenty-one commemorative denominational coins issued by the Croatian National Bank, minted in gold and silver, one five-kuna coin for general circulation, bearing a design based on the Senj Glagolitic Missal, and eight 25-kuna coins with special motifs for general circulation, which were the first twelve-sided bimetallic coins minted in the world, and a commemorative 15-euro coin for the Republic of Ireland.

He has designed several public awards in the areas of culture, sport and public life (of which eighteen are awarded annually) and 150 of gold medals – around 550 double-sided medals and free-standing figures in total.

He is the author of the Dean’s Chain of the Academy of Fine Arts, Economics Faculty, Zagreb, the Kostajnica Mayoral Chain, and the public memorial in Omišalj to mark the visit of Pope John Paul II to Rijeka.

He is the winner of several prizes for achievement in the area of numismatics and prizes awarded in international competitions (Austria, Japan), and was awarded the Order of the Danica hrvatska with the portrait of Marko Marulić, for services to culture, by the President of the Republic of Croatia.

He has specialised in leading projects in the National Mints in Vienna and Budapest and in the Royal Mint in Cardiff.

A number of critical reviews of Damir Mataušić’s work have appeared in the media, in specialist magazines such as “Numizmatičke vijesti” (Numismatic News), “The Medal”, “Money Trend”, and in 1993, a monograph by Feđa Vukić was published in the Biblioteka Prizma series.

In 1999, a monography by Bogdan Mesinger was published by Klovićevi Dvori Gallery and Garestin Gallery, to coincide with a monographic exhibition, and the director Eduard Galić made a documentary film about Mataušić’s work.

Most of his works are housed in the archives of the Museum Gallery Centre in Zagreb, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, The Vatican Museum collection and in many museum and private medal and numismatic collections in Croatia and abroad.

Mataušić lives and works in Zagreb.


Damir Mataušić
Krvarić 6,
10000 Zagreb
tel. 098 708 238
+385 98 708 238
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damir.matausic (at)


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